Children’s Speech-Language Clinic

Speech-language pathologists provide intake evaluations for children interested in attending any of Wings on Words programs. These clinicians also provide speech and language therapy for children with delays in this area that is integrated into a child’s preschool or ToddlerU experiences.


Screening: Screening includes a brief evaluation of a child’s speech and language skills to determine if a more in-depth evaluation should be completed. A hearing screening is part of the assessment.


Diagnostic Evaluation: A diagnostic evaluation includes an in-depth evaluation of a child’s speech and language skills. This includes a determination of whether the child performs as well as other children his or her age in terms of:

  • Speech Sounds – pronouncing individual sounds (articulation) and producing sounds in words and sentences (phonology).
  • Vocabulary – understanding and using an age-appropriate number of words to express basic concepts and ideas.
  • Grammar – putting words together to form sentences
  • Language Use – using language to reason, problem solve, and communicate with others to express wants and needs.


In addition, the child’s speech will be screened to rule out problems with voice (for example, chronic hoarseness) or fluency (stuttering).

Individual speech/language therapy: Speech and language therapy in individual and small group settings is provided. Children typically attend two sessions per week. Individual sessions last 45 minutes; group sessions last 1 hour. Schedules are tailored to each family’s needs. Parents participate through observation of therapy and completion of home activities.

Note: All screening, evaluation, and therapy sessions are performed or supervised by speech-language pathologists who hold a Master’s degree and Clinical Certification from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). The clinic serves as a service, research and educational training center. Thus, in most cases, a graduate student is involved in the services provided to children. These students are enrolled in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences at the University of Arizona where they are receiving course work and professional education.