The Wings on Words Program

Playground FunThe WOW facility is located at 202 E. Speedway, just 6 blocks west of the University of Arizona. Our full-day program provides an enriched, language-based curriculum for young children ages 2-5. WOW aims to equip children with a strong foundation for learning. Because oral language skills are central to future success in reading, writing, self-esteem, and building relationships, WOW’s curriculum emphasizes oral language development. In addition to language-based classroom curriculum, students are provided with speech and language therapy as needed.

Weekly lesson plans at WOW are centered around themes that encourage children to learn about themselves, their families, their communities, and their world in visual, tactile, and auditory ways. Teachers form personal relationships with the children in their classrooms. Knowing the individual strengths and weaknesses of each child allows teachers to employ teaching techniques and learning activities that will best help that child grow.

Tuition payments by parents cover program participation. Fund-raising events sponsored by the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation provide funding for speech and langauge services. State employee tuition discounts and income-based scholarships may be available.