Our Wish List

The Child Language Center is a not-for-profit community outreach program that has provided early intervention services to children with speech/language disorders since 1989. Its activities are supported by The Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation, The University of Arizona, and the generosity of individuals and organizations in the Tucson area.

Please do not mistake our affiliation with such fine organizations as evidence that all of our needs are being met; local support from individuals and organizations is critical to our success

There are several ways to support the Child Language Center and WOW.

Guardian Angel Scholarships

To help children from low- and modest-income families to attend Wings on Words Program, your sponsorship will provide substantial help.

$650 per year or $65 every month for 10 months.

These scholarship donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Contact us if you can help.

Arizona Tax Credits

Arizona State Income Tax credits are available for donations to the Child Language Center. This is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit entitled “Credit for Contributions to Charities That Provide Assistance to the Working Poor”.

You may give up to $400 (or $800 if a married couple filing jointly) of your Arizona State income tax liability to the Center because of its services to children and families of modest economic means. Donations provide scholarships, books, educational materials, salary support, and operating expenses for Wings on Words Program.

This is different from, and does not affect your eligibility for other Arizona State Tax Credits such as Public Schools or School Tuition Organizations.

The Child Language Center is a qualified and certified organization, you can confirm this at www.azdor.gov. Our certified listing is “Child Language Center, The” There are links there with more information and the latest state tax forms. As always consult your tax professional if you have questions.

We have a simple form available for you under Documents in the sidebar to your right.

Direct Donations of New or Used Items

Our “Wish List” is currently:

  • New children’s books and puzzles for children ages 3-6:
  • New educational toys for children ages 3-6 to replace those which are “much loved” at WOW.
  • Copy paper (white and colors)
  • Paper plates, napkins, and 6-8 oz cups
  • Plastic knives, forks, and spoons

Contact us if you can help.