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Child Language Center

Speech/Language Programs across the U.S.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) recommends that therapy providers hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence in speech/language pathology and be licensed by the state in which they practice.

The Scottish Rite of Free Masonry

As its national philanthropy, the Scottish Rite has adopted the cause of serving children with speech and language disorders. In so doing, it has sponsored more than 100 Centers where certified speech-language pathologists evaluate and treat children with communication problems, and serve as a resource to the community. These Centers for Childhood Language Disorders are located throughout most of the country. In many states, the Centers are located in or adjacent to a Scottish Rite Temple. The Centers also may be associated with major hospitals or universities in the area. All are clearly identified in the telephone book and are well known to health care and education professionals in the areas in which they are located. Call your local Scottish Rite for information about a Center near you.

University Programs

Many public and private university programs throughout the United States offer graduate programs in speech-language pathology. This field of study prepares students to provide therapy to children (and adults) with speech/language disorders. These programs provide professional training to their students and, as part of the training program, clinical services to their communities. Programs are listed in the phone book or can be found by calling the university information number. The clinics are usually associated with departments referred to variously as:

  • Speech Language Pathology and Audiology,
  • Speech and Hearing Sciences,
  • Communication Disorders, etc.

Public Schools

Federal law requires states to provide speech and language services to children who qualify for services from birth through kindergarten. These programs are typically administered through state health departments or public schools. Contact your local school district office for more information.

Hospital Programs

Speech-language pathology programs are available in many hospital settings. Children are seen in both in-patient or out-patient settings.

Private Practice

Private practitioners also provide therapy in most communities. Check your local yellow pages under Speech-Language Pathology or contact you state’s Speech-Language-Hearing Association (e.g., Arizona Speech and Hearing Association – ArSHA).

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